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Originally Posted by bgoodsoil View Post
Nice! Good job on the budgeting. Wish I had built my bike rather than buy it but I didn't know how back then. The front looks kinda tall, are you going to do any leveling on the suspension?
Wow, how did you get it down to 347? If you don't mind my asking, how did you weigh it? It sounds lower than what I've heard these things are.
I thought the forks looked tall in that photo too. Sits pretty level in my garage. Suspension will take a bit of sorting. I've only got an hour or so of off-road riding on this bike. I've owned 3 R100gs's over the years and my impression so far is that this bike is light years ahead of a stock GS in off-road handling and I think that I can make it better.

I used a set of aircraft scales to weigh it. About 10 years ago I built and flew a competition aerobatic airplane. I still have the sign in my garage from when I built that plane that says: 10lbs x 10g's = an airplane that sucks. You have to look at every piece you add as an opportunity to cut weight. Remember, by the time I add 6.4 gal of fuel we're talking 390lbs.
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