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Originally Posted by clintnz View Post
You clearly need a KTM 690 Enduro or SMC. Early ones are getting down near the $10K mark now. Add a wee windscreen, re pad the seat & yahoo!

Come over to the orange side. We have cookies (& brakes & power )

cookies, brakes and power are a pretty compelling combination

I'm keeping my eye open.....

Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
You brought up a good point which I was going to mention initially. Bikes now are toooo fast for the roads. Even on old Schmidtty I am constantly looking at the speedo as there are cops out there on any ride I do around here. I know if I had a modern smooth bike it would be just months before I lost my license- a little inattention to the speedo & you're in the 130km+ zone.

not that i'm looking for a new bike but the new Yammy Tenere series does it for me looks wise
I'm not as worried about losing my license as much as losing my life. I figure I can handle a little more power than the klr and remain sensible-ish - more than about 70hp and the dormant inner hooligan will spring forth at inopportune moments and see me wrapped around a tree.

Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
On the weekend on the R65 two up did not even have to worry about overtaking as not enough power to do it safely....meant you could kick back and just enjoy the ride. The dick tailgating me in his diesel ute got past me and the next car just pulled over to let him to ngaruawahia about 2 seconds before me.....stupid cage drivers
welcome to the world of the klr rider. I count myself fortunate that no one will ride on the back of my bike (except boxabitch when his airhead expires - he has no standards)

Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
The Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 linked above would be a good bike. Mine has been reliable, but others have needed minor warranty work. It is necessary to have a dealer within a few hours drive. There are about 6 of them in NZ, right?

It is an animal on rough, tight paved roads, quite it its element. It does OK off road, with the option of switching the throttle map to "rain" mode to control the 92 hp. There are a couple of issues that might concern you. The fuel tank range is only 100 to 130 mile, and the Givi Easylock Saddlebags are as lose to hard bags as are made for the bike. Top boxes and tank luggage is also available.
That fuel range would be a killer - I loath planning my ride around where the next gas station is. I'd have to get someone to glue the selector into rain mode so I would have a chance of surviving. I'd love to take one for a spin though.

Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
Older Tiger or Transalp?
for no real reason both these bikes scream "pipe and slippers". No justification and never ridden either.

it worries me that my prejudices might cause me to miss out on trying a bike that would suit me.....

Originally Posted by trustme View Post
Good call Nordie, the last of the 955's are a bloody good bikeal though they had mag wheels where the year before was spoked rims. The triple motor is a gem, the 1050 Tiger is not as good on gravel
I probably should at least ride a 955 before dismissing it out of hand.

Originally Posted by innathyzit View Post
That Transalp 700 looks about the best alternative so far, plus its a Honda and they are bloody well built IMHO.

Or get a KLR.
yup a 700 transalp looks like a possible or as you say - a klr (if it wasn't as beaten as mine and had a better front brake and a few more ponies)

I have been considering another klr with a supermoto front disc (about $200us) and another 685 kit ($300 us) and maybe some cams ($400 us) but it all adds up...

Originally Posted by pampaX View Post
aha I get everybody recommends the bike they run, silly me, get this one
the stupid tank size (sub 10L?) makes these a non contender - plus I really would prefer a twin.

Originally Posted by bart-nz View Post
Here you go. They might even throw in a zimmer frame.
I don't own a DR so this isn't a logical step forward for me.

Originally Posted by warewolf View Post
Reckon a TDM900 is worth test riding. I bought new a 1st-gen 1992 TDM850 and quite liked it. Over the revisions they just got better and betterer (at least on paper).

I really liked the stonking motor, super comfortable seat/ergos, sharp brakes and great long-travel fully-adjustable suspension. There were two big gotchas for me at the time: poor wind protection so very cold riding for hours at night, and too top heavy for off-road work. 30,000km in a year and I sold it because I was doing too many highway miles so got a Trophy 900 which was way warmer so much less tiring. I should have got the Tiger 900 as it had everything the TDM had, plus good wind protection, but I was scared off that class of bike by then. Several years later I had both the Trophy AND a Tiger.

It really was a hooligan go-anywhere bike. Seemed to soak up everything I threw at it on rough gravel roads. Commuting around Sydney, I knew lots of places where I could get it airborne, and did so habitually... which nearly bit me in the bum when I changed to the Trophy . It would snap your arms out of their sockets changing up to 5th above 200km/h. Smoky 3rd gear burnouts on the dirt. Hmmm, rallies have a lot to answer for, eh? Swapped out the twin 35/35W headlight globes for a pair of more typical 55/60 watters, and wow! more light than I ever needed. Have seen plenty with hard luggage fitted, and knobblies if you want to go there. Oh, one drawback with the power delivery: at 2800-2900 rpm the power cut in like a two stroke 125 MXer hitting band. That meant on loose dirt it would spin up, on firm rock it would wheelie. Not a lot of fun when picking your way up a really snotty 4wd track. Great fun when short-shifting up to 5th on a straight gravel road

Had a pretty lousy touring range although probably better than a sportsbike. The tank looked big but it was a thin pancake wrapped around the battery (and airbox?). That's one thing that improved throughout the years.

No doubt I wouldn't be so impressed with the engine or the suspension these days, but I guess I'm saying: try it, you may like it.

If you really want bump compliance you need long travel suspension. Although almost any road bike will handle occasional gravel roads no problemo, bumpy backroads (and state highways!!) need something more than even well-fettled road suspension. DAMHIK. Adventure bikes like Trannies & Tigers just cope better. They also have a broader spread of power. An "885" efi Tiger 1999-2000 might do you well, too. I can't recommend any of the 900-badged bikes, they had a few foibles which impacted their durability.

Yes a TDM is right up there - just waiting for an accessible one to appear so I can go and have a look - there was one in Nelson with givi luggage at a car yard but I can't find it on tard me anymore.

Your comment about suspension is a real biggy. Most of my road riding seems to be longish (10-12hr) day rides over bumpy middle north island and wairarapa back roads and compliant suspension will make a big difference to fatigue. The klr is quite good in this respect.

Originally Posted by igormortis View Post
Oooh, that one's getting cheaper all the time...
and it would need to - its an orphan with a tiny tank and a seat made from mahogany that short people can't ride and is too big for a trail bike.

Originally Posted by Eddieb View Post
650 tranny.

Or wait a little while and see what the 2014 v stroms are like as at the the 1000 is supposed to have a significant redesign that looks promising. Though new they will be out of your price bracket.
I think a 700 tranny is way preferable to a 650. I suspect the whole process will take a while as I need to travel to try some of these bikes and time is a bit limited at the moment - plus the longer you wait the greater chance of the right bike appearing at a great price - just got to figure out what the right bike is.

If I was to buy a beemer of any type I'd want a low mileage one otherwise I'd live in fear of being financially violated whenever work needs doing by the dealer.

seems like good value for what it is though

So the contenders is order of untested/unqualified/unjustified preference are
transalp 700
Tiger 955
690SM (mice one or tard me)
maybe a 650 vstrom maybe... (ugly ugly ugly)
These are the best days
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