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Hey, Ben, I'm the guy from Tacoma who PM'ed you. You can call me anytime with questions. Powerlet plugs are pretty standard in the BMW world. The plug stays plugged in better than a cigarette style plug, and you can get sockets that are more water-resistant. Google around for "powerlet" and you'll see all the different products out there.

On those headlights, the headlights are not supposed to flash. Maybe you mean they are "modulating"? That means they sorta pulsate maybe around 3 times per second? If they are modulating, that means the PO installed a headlight modulator gizmo (best known brand is Kisan--here). This is strictly an aftermarket thing and not a BMW thing. Those modulators are only legal to run during daylight hours, so they have an ambient light sensor mounted somewhere on the bike that shuts them off when it gets dark. Maybe the sensor is being blocked and unblocked unintentionally by you while messing around?
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