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Originally Posted by Echo3Niner View Post
So, here's what's happening to SPEED TV...

speedtv starting it's downward spiral when it changed from speed channel. Funny, you would think that DMG, with it's pull in nascar, would be able to do a deal with fox, which must have a thing for nascar since it's keeping that type of coverage. Makes you wonder, does DMG really care about motorcycle racing anymore? might just be losing favor since the idea of bringing in outside sponsorship has failed miserably and there doesn't seem to be any answers coming from anyone.
Does any think DMG will ditch AMA roadracing? I do, I think that roadracing will soon become that red-headed bastard stepchild, and the higher-ups are gonna axe it instead of dumping money into it. We'll see what kind of crowd shows up for the daytona 200, that might be the nail in the coffin.
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