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Originally Posted by Patj551 View Post
Hey Chris,

Once again I am living vicariously through your videos! Thanks. Looks like footage from a couple Go Pros and maybe even a couple shots of you in front of the camera?

I believe you mentioned this in another post, and I'm too lazy to dig through all your posts but, RE air pressure in Moab. I think you said you run 18psi and no pinch flats while another guy ran 14 and flatted several times. Is that correct?
Pat, I ran 18, I could have gotten away with less except for one spot, I came skidding up to the edge of a dropoff in the trail (going too fast to stop and negotiate the downhill properly) as I went over, my front rim hit square on a sharp edge of a big bolder with the full weight of the bike and me on it, came really close to going over the bars. The hit was so hard it bottomed the forks and discovered later also blew a fork seal. I just knew I would be fixing a flat on the front, didn't happen, drooled fork oil everywhere but the tube held. 99% of that riding could have been done with less pressure but that one instance I needed the 18psi. Sometimes we ride at a pretty good clip close together so you don't always have the luxury of picking the line you want, in those situations the extra pressure is really helpfull.
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