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Originally Posted by pvangel View Post

Bubba got passed under the red, clear as day...
Screen shot from 4:21. Tell me what you see. I see red lights and RV ahead of JS. JS goes on to pass in that corner, under red.

Next screen shot at 4:30. JS is past the first waving yellow and still ahead of RV. IF (big if) the waving yellow ends the red cross period, then I see an allowable pass. If the waving yellow does not end the red cross period, what does? I haven't dug into the rules, but I'm picking up from reading posts that it isn't clear.

Should RV have waited until after passing the downed rider? Should the red cross flag have been put away given that the rider was already up and sitting on the bike?

What I don't get is that RV seemed to have JS pretty well covered. You'd think that after his lucky break earlier (the 3 position penalty at the red flag vs. at the end of the race), he'd have played that section cautiously and made the pass later.

Looks to me like RVs pass just put them back to where they would have been had JS not passed under red. Seems to me that if you're going to hand out penalties, you hand one to both JS and RV.

Again, I say let 'em go. The racing was good and that's what we want to see.
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