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Crowds will be low as usual (although I will be there as usual). I haven't seen a decent crowd at the 200 for 15 or more years. Frankly, the whole week at the Speedway is ruined to me. There used to be CCS on the first weekend, vintage Monday-Wednesday then the big boys came in and started Thursday through the 200 on Sunday with the Supercross Saturday. Whether anyone liked each of these individual activities there was still a lot of bike stuff to stay busy with.

The Supercross being the first weekend may pull more fans (and is certainly easier on the Speedway not having it and the 200 the same weekend). I think they are just happy pulling a regional weekend crowd at this point and arent concerned about drawing fans for the whole week anymore (or just can't).

According to the hotels, the Harley crowd will be bigger this year - they normally don't come for the racing anyway. Guess I will see what it holds next week.
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