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Originally Posted by jack splash View Post
Hey: Looking at Stats from 2012 and 2013, the mileage of the stages was the same.

If you remove the penalities.

In 2012 the Fastest Time was a Motorcycle:
Mike Bradway 1:06:40 Fastest Car 1:08:15 Mike Reilly

In 2013 the Fastest Time was a Car:
Mike Gilikey 1:07:29 Fastest Car 1:05:51 Jason Smith

Some of the fast guys who didn't have issues, did better in 2013 others better in 2012
Conger 2012 1:09:03 2013 1:11:44 Different Machines
Wooldridge 2012 1:12:11 2013 1:09:32
Roth 2012 1:13:10 2013 1:17:00
TJ 2012 1:22:09 2013 1:15:06

Other observations

Mike Gilkey's still fast.
Bobby Wooldridge did great on a 450.
Bill Conger did great on a HP2.
Scott Dorrer was ripping till his flat.
Jason Adams Lost Time helping David Jansen but didn't get credit for it. He should get back 5 or 10 minutes.

I didn't ride Sand Blast Year, to those who rode 2012 and 2013, which year do you think the conditions were better / faster?

Sorry about Jenna and Ara, hope you both are OK.
More later.

Thanks, Jack. I have already begun my own rehab program....not the type to just sit around and wait for this thing to heal. I visit the ortho surgeon tomorrow to see if I need a plate and screws...told him I am very weight conscious and want hollow Ti screws and CF plate.

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