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Originally Posted by andrewgore View Post

It must be winter, everyone's undies are in a bunch awfully quick.


PS - I'd also think it'd be interesting having a poll of how many people have raced, and those that have raced, have dealt with yellow\red\blue flags. Be interesting seeing how folks have dealt with them in real life.
It shows allegiance... The JS fans think RV is evil and the RV fans think JS is evil.

I started to make a point similar to your PS earlier but ran out of motivation. I know from experience that it's not always easy to see and/or interpret the flags in the heat of battle. That said, the rules need to be clear and consistently enforced in the interest of safety.

That brings me back to RV. He had to have known that he got a big gift with his penalty from prior to the restart. I can't believe he'd do anything remotely questionable so soon after.
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