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Originally Posted by Deviant666 View Post
I'd take the KTM 9xx over them any day...had the doesn't like fire roads...suspension needs a 1000e upgrade to come close to what the KTM offers out of the box...suspension components / weight distribution / balanced chassis is what you should be looking into if you're planning to have fun while riding a heavy bike on dirt. The KTM is the undisputable king of the bunch for that use....SE's or Adventure...get one while they're still available...

Says a guy with an all orange sig.

I would have to agree, and I too have been a long time KTM fanboy. However, and it's a big however, not all of us want to deal with the LC8 lump. I'd have a RFS or RC4 lighweight in a heartbeat, but really didn't want to deal with their bigger motor(s). I was never a fan of all that plastic shrouding either, that you have to remove before commencing any work on the bike. Since I've never worked on one maybe that is less of an issue than I perceive it to be.

And then there's the fueling issue, said to offer lightswitch like throttle control. And neither is as good of a road bike, nor for 2-up, as the Tiger.

So there you go, just a few minor reasons we chose the new Triumph.

Again, I would tend to agree, if a guy intends to ride a lot of dirt with his big bike then the 950/990 is a better tool. I also tend to think the very few that are intent on hardcore dirt with their XC chose the wrong bike. One look at the aircleaner setup and suspension should know it's a road machine adapted to some off pavement going. Those that got sucked into the theme of the ICON vid were just that...sucked in. I never once believed it to be reality.
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