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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
First bold re: revs - That's amazing. 6th gear is probably an overdrive or close,
just like on the NC700. That's the same revs I had on my 650R (which has
50% more power).

Second bold re: vibrations - That's EXACTLY what I said would happen in
this and other threads when people asked me why I consider the NC700
to be a better choice.

It vibrates because of the 180 deg. crank, and that drove me crazy on
my 650R. Can't be as bad on a smaller engine, but still, all things equal,
I'd get the 700 just because of the 270 crank. Screw the weight difference,
the bike feels 100lbs lighter then it is.

Exactly why I bought my NC700X!

My BMW F800ST was Lucifer's own paint shaker, and was utterly intolerable. I knew from the start, when it blew every bulb on it, inc. 3 headlights before a few months were over, that it was going to be no fun. The second time the sidestand fell off while riding and the bloody fairing brackets stay bolts went AWOL again, I had already seen the writing on the wall.

Which isn't to say the Exxon Valdez oil spewing leaks catching fire, the continually failing parts and electronics, the massive paint peeling and corrosion, the terrifying camchain death rattle etc., weren't all screaming: "Get thee away, spawn of Satan!"

But that's another story.
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