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Originally Posted by Gordy View Post
Here's the dope on passing under the various flags.

Apparently the pass under the yellows was legal....if he was out of the Red Cross zone.
Originally Posted by PTRadam View Post
Good article here from RaceX about colored flags and lights and what they mean.

From what I can tell RV followed all the rules.
Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
I didn't see an AMA explanation for the lack of a ruling. Where was this? I'd be interested.


Crowther and FIM Race Director John Gallagher carefully studied tape from multiple angles, and they determined that Villopoto had closed in on Stewart under the red cross flag, but had not passed him. Villopoto's bike never edged ahead of Stewart's through the red light or red cross section. For that matter, you can also note that Justin Barcia, third at the time, also gained on Villopoto through that section, leaving the lead three riders nearly, but not quite, even as they rolled the triple. However, they singled all the jumps, and no one made a pass in the red cross or flashing red light section. So they didn’t break any rules.

After the triple came a set of rollers. By then the yellow flags were out (once a rider passes the area with the flashing red light or red cross flag, and then rides under a yellow, they revert to yellow flag rules). Passing is not illegal under yellow flags, but the riders must “proceed with extreme caution.” Since the downed rider, Bobby Kiniry, was already up and restarting his bike, there wasn’t much inherent danger in that section, so when Villopoto edged further up alongside Stewart, and then made the pass in the next corner, he was not in violation of the rules, because he passed under the yellow (which is legal).

Props to Gordy and PTRadam.
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