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27/02 Day 5: Mijoux to Saint Gallen (479kms) – Drawing day!
Total: 1907kms

I opened my eye a bit to see that in front of me was my friends little sister waiting with a present for me. She's about 5ish and drew me a butterfly mask with my name on it. What a quick way to give me a smile all over my face in the morning. Should that butterfly represent my inner beauty? Surely. I took a quick look at my phone and it already was 9:30am. God damn it, I'm late again! I'm supposed to meet my Swiss friend and 5pm. Well that's not going to happen. I wrote him a text... which he never received since he changed his number... always good to know when you're going to someone and he changes his number. Well I took a nice breakfast with my friend, and slowly packed all my stuff together. His parents went off to take his little sister to ski class so that I had to wait for them to return and say goodbye. Long story short I took off at 11am and according to my sat nav I should arrive somewhere around 6pm. A whole day of riding yay!
I already apologize for the few pics that I've taken that day but I just enjoyed riding and didn't want to stop. I took a couple of videos though... just have to wait for the last update for me to upload them on youtube. You'll be able to see my “almost” falling down. Next year I'll go with some knobbies and maybe if I'm nice enough santa will bring me these snowchains :o). Pierre's mother told me to be carefull since they've announced a drop of the temperatures... Well exactly the opposite happened. The first day I saw a positive sign on my onbord computer... well I say positive I mean 0°C.

As planned I arrived at 6pm and my friend was already waiting for me in his garage with his little 4 year old son. When I got off the bike his son gave me some pictures he had drawn for me. I'm a child magnet! The last time I saw him was 1,5 years ago. Man do they grow fast, can't wait to have a bunch of my own! Then he turned to my bike and his eyes became all sparkly, he had discovered my new hunting horn. He loved it and played for 15minutes with it... well that sound can get annoying, can't it. Matthias, my swiss friend helped me bringing my stuff upstairs into the guest room. I love these swiss! We waited for his wife and other son to come home, had a little chat and then he took me to a swiss restaurant to eat FONDUE =D. GREAT idea! All these Kms have been worth it. I don't think there is anything better than melted cheese with some Kirsch in it. Since he invited me for dinner I incisted on inviting him for a couple of drinks. I mean I had some CHF and needed to spent that monopoly money somewhere (it kinda looks like the canadian money, all shiny and blue, red, yellow).
We first headed to some kind of sportsbar and sat next to the bar. We had a great chat with the barman who was astonished about the fact that I came to France to see my friend.. Well sure that was one of the reasons but don't forget about the fondue! My friend told him that I needed to taste all the different kind of beers that they had in St Gallen... Well there where 3, so 3 pintes for the “little one”. You know how after a couple of drinks your ability to speak foreign languages increases? Well it wasn't the case for me here since you need some heavy duty vocal cords to speak “schwiizerdütsch”, but my ability to understand these guys increased drasticly, or so I think, because some sentences just didn't made any sense. After having finished all the draught beer, the barman offered me a bottle of some “special beer from the neighbourhood”... could have been something else I still would have drank it. He took a glass of wine himself to drink with me and we continued the storytelling. He was kinda too afraid of going motorcycling so my friend and I had to convince him that it was safer than car driving and just the feeling of it is amazing... Well don't have to tell you guys that, right?
Anyhow when we were about to take off, the bartender offered us some swiss herb shots (kinda like Jägermeister) and we went out in the cold again. Don't you worry, not for long since my friend “had to show me something”. We went into another bar and saw the highlight of my day, they had a sink with two boobs above it to throw up! And written there “let your day pass through your head again”. Classic! I had another beer and my friend some weird limonade made out of milk acid, and headed back home again. Surprise, he turned on the ignition and the screen showed “Welcome LordFridge”, kinda my nickname on the game we played a couple of years back, arf all these memories returning. Great day!
When we've got home, his wife was waiting with a surprise for him: A fishing magazine... in which they wrote an article about him! A friend of his sent them the picture and they wrote a whole page about his great catch! Well done Matthias!

Pics of the day:

Fondue Time

Even the coffee is better there

They make good beer over there


In action

"Hospital cave"


I'm proud of you, have to come back in the summer trying that boat of yours

They have a weird cat who loves to smell shoes...

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