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Originally Posted by L.B.S. View Post
Quite so; a 360* arrangement, but with a (pretty neat idea I must admit, but for my particular bike it obviously didn't work...) third connecting rod on the horizontal plane, and a pivoting set up to theoretically equal the mass/throw of the two vertical pistons.

Up until the F800, I'd had many Honda and Yamaha 180* twins, but they were all awesome, plenty of dual counter balancers and so on.

None of my single cyl bikes ever vibrated like the 800 did, either.
BMW, allegedly, tried to engineer-in some boxer vibe to the 800 series.

But it's all in the eyes, or hands, of the beholder.

I've ridden some big I4s that made me stop after 2 hours because my outer fingers were numb.

Not a deal breaker, for me; there's an engine under your arse, after all, and it's going to make some stuff shake.
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