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Sorry to hear that Ty...

Come on Triumph do the right thing. I'm itching to pull the trigger on a brand new XC800....

Originally Posted by av_mech View Post
Well, time for round two. Hobbes is back in the shop for the same carbon build-up inside the motor. I photographed the inside of the motor with a fancy boroscope before I quit my job working on airplanes. Looks the same as when they covered it under warranty the first time.

I have sold a lot of bikes for you. I have proven what this machine is capable of. People read this thread often and there will be a lot of anxious minds wanting to know how this is handled. You did well the first time to cover this problem. It has happened again. Ball's in your court and Hobbes is at the dealer. Please be the stand up bike company I have told everyone you are and stand behind your product.

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