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28/02 Day 6: Saint Gallen to Köln (579kms) – Touratech headquoters... Like X-Mass!
Total: 2486kms

A nice last breakfast all together and my hosts had to go off to work. But before Matthias and I had to help his son to build a playmobile castle. “What kind of generation is do they belong to? I mean when I was young no one was allowed to even glance at my playmobile castle, they're becoming fucking lazy”. He was right about that. Where went the creativity? I don't even want to know where this is going with all that technology out there. Well I still have time to think about that. Anyway once downstairs and ready to start I saw that my chain was loose. Had to uncharge the pig and start working on it. Is there a better feeling than getting your hands dirty in the morning? After that little adjustment off I went. Direction Touratech Niedereschach!
Well lets cut to the chase, it's an amazing place. All these shiny bikes they have with all these stories behind *.* I was like a child. Since this had to be a significant visit I wanted to buy something important... Like these new LED foglights. Grouwww.. They do look sexy.. But man what a pain in the arse to mount (look in the Parallel universe...). I seized the occasion to ask them some questions and there the disappointment started. I wanted to know the difference between O and X ring chains, I know I've read it hundreds of times here but I wanted to hear about it in my mother language. The salesman had to get the machanic to give me an answere... embarassing. Then I asked them about batteries. They told me not to use lithium and to stick with what BMW said... disappointing... then I looked at these shiny suspensions, and asked them about the shockbold design flaw. They haven't heard about it. Wow that was a surprise, and they couldn't even imagine that it was possible... well I showed them the link on ADV rider. Maybe a new farkle on the way? I doubt it.
Well after 2 hours in paradise it was time to take off. I still had a lot of Kms to do.
There it was again, the sign of Rottweil, saw that the last time in 2011... I needed to go there. My favorite german band “Die Toten Hosen” wrote a song about that city... how the singer needed some chewing gum, went into a shop and found the woman of his dreams... Well after all these women problems I could use one of these ;). Changed course to Rottweil, stopped at all 3 gasstations, bought 3 packets of chewing gum and always the same dilemma... I think the women in there were dreamy 20 years ago when they wrote the song... but now, well... I think they still wait for someone to pick them up. Well third time is a charm! See you next year!

Out of Rottweil it began to snow again and it was amazing how much snow there were in comparison to Switzerland. The child in me came out again and so I turned into a snowed in field. I think I was a bit too optimistic with my TR91. I did like 20-30 meters till I got stuck. Well impossible to move that pig and I needed to get all my stuff off again. This is when I saw that my front tire had a big slice in it. Wow darn, hope this will hold until I get home. I always flamed about the tubes but now I was happy to have them.
After getting my bike out of that snow/ice mix I was tired and ready for a nice lunch break. Took my beer and crisps out. Did you notice how everything just tastes better after a hard day of riding? After my little break I didn't want to jump on the bike again and decided to profit a bit of that snow... building an 1,90m Snowman... Took me about 1-2hours but it was worth it. The few people that came across hiking just looked at me like 'what is wrong with you?'. Fair enough I always get that look when I go riding, especially in winter. After playtime I went to my bike loading my dufflebag and a man asked me if I had some problems... well no I just got stuck in the snow and build a snowman, I'm alright mate, thanks... what? Stuck? This wasn't necessary riding in the snow, was it? Sure, but man is it fun!
… And off I went in direction of old sweet home, Cologne. My childhood friend waited for me and we had a nice evening together with a lot of beer and grilled beef. Yumm!

Pics of the day:

Where dreams are build!

A new use of the Zega's, I want the same later!

Dear santa?

Well it was comfy

I'll be back Rottweil!

Wow I look tired :o)

Who wouldn't have gone into that fun field?

Wrong tires? Too heavy? A mix of both

Best use of these boxes!

Can he join the Asylum?
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