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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
That's amazing..

THe T-max for example has a "fake" 3rd piston with the mass of the other
two combined, going the opposite way, the "active" pistons are probably 360 deg too..

That engine has _no_ vibrations.
It's electric smooth.

Not to steal the thread but.. is the F800 a pain at all revs or is there a "band"?

My 650R was fine up to 6000 or so.
I got my driver license on a BMW F650GS (the 800cc parallel twin 650, not the thumper).

Obviously it was the only bike I had ever ridden, though I found it very fun to ride and vibrations were really not an issue under 6000 RPM. Bike was geared quite high if I remember correct so with the 650 you could easily maintain 75 mph.

Was also mucho faster than my current cbr250 I guess if I would ride it now it would feel as fast as the Millenium Falcon!
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