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Right now, Cyril is without a team. Hi KTM contract is officially finished and from what I understand, there are not too happy with his demands. The long rumor has been a move to HRC, although I am not sure Honda is too keen on his demands either, but hey, if they want to win, there is no better rider than Despres to reduce that variable factor.

I would suspect that Zanol is all but effectively finished and with Chaleco filling a coveted KTM spot, time may not be on Despres' side. Honda did offer Lopez a ride so clearly they have an opening, but would they take Faria with Despres? Poor Ruben has no future without Cyril ensuring he remain as water carrier.

There is some shuffling to take place, where will Despres shake out? Why is Coma so quiet? What about Barreda and Goncalves after 2014? Any room anywhere for Botturi? A lot of old talent, very little young talent and depending on which way the teams move riders, very few good seats out there. For as good as rally is, both the talent pool and competitive opportunities are very thin.
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