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Originally Posted by RaY YreKa View Post
BMW, allegedly, tried to engineer-in some boxer vibe to the 800 series.

But it's all in the eyes, or hands, of the beholder.

I've ridden some big I4s that made me stop after 2 hours because my outer fingers were numb.

Not a deal breaker, for me; there's an engine under your arse, after all, and it's going to make some stuff shake.
Agreed on the individual tolerance for vibes, and how some certain harmonics can be unnoticable for most, but will just nuke other poor bastards.

For me, I draw the line at "going to make some stuff shake" though, when parts and fasteners fly off, all the bulbs continuously implode, and I'm a wimpering numb heap within a few city blocks...

Gazillions of happy owners sing the praises of their F800's and I wouldn't think to cast any untoward aspersions against them (the best forum on the 'net IMHO was the, wonderful peeps there!) but *MY* F800ST was a hideous nightmare.
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