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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
After awhile internet bullshit kinda has a taste to it. Often the material stands up poorly on it's own so the poster does much counting of coup: listing of vast experience, daring deeds done, blah, blah. Formally it's a semantic fallacy. I believe a species of the ad hominem. Whatever.

You'll notice people like Anton or Ted Porter do none of this. For one, their names and reputations are well known. They are not some-anonymouse-guy-on-the-net claiming this or that. And they also post little---way too busy in their shops actually doing rather than sitting around here talking.

Speaking of which, my parts came in and I got a motor to build. Checked the bearing shells and they're dead on 26g a pair. They are also totally the wrong bearing, right down to the part numbers (which doesn't match the packing slip much less the outgoing parts or what I ordered)

Me needs to have a word with BOBs BMW. Grrrr....
For a googler you haven't googled much. Not that that surprises me.

I couldn't tell you how many times I am asked for the basis of my opinion and when I give it I am then accused of daring deeds blah blah. It's as if most of us can't see a bait and switch when one is right in front of us.
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