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Good post Ontic - covers up pretty much what I know of the relative merits of USD against RWU forks.

And R-dubb, nice to see some recognition being given to front to rear balance, at last.
Most suspension set up guides dont even mention it, but when you get anywhere close to the sweet spot that is mainly what you are setting.

Any rear shock that is not perpendicular to the radius of the swinging arm will have a progressive action, and the more laid down the more progressive - simple high school mechanics.
KTM recently returned to laid down shocks in lieu of linkages, and given that they were one of the innovators with USD forks maybe we will see them going back to RWUs as well!

I think the uneven windings on springs has more to do with the harmonics of the spring, that is, the inherent resonances. Does next to nothing for progressiveness on evry set I have measured.
Even some valve springs come that way now, but this is a complex subject I have no experience with.

I have found that using the best synthetic fork oil I can find reduces stiction on my G/S forks, and my local KTM specialist sells nothing else.
But I dont want to turn this into a "199 things you can put in your forks other than fork oil which dont work" thread.
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