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Grapevine Canyon

I had already slipped into the just getting home mode and almost decided to skip the hike,
but it sounded interesting and I could use the warm up.

It was an easy hike along the dry wash to the entrance of the canyon.

The rocks were covered by some of the most fantastic petroglyphs I've ever seen.

Lots of charts, graphs, and weird symbols. It looked like the chalkboard in an advanced math class. I saw very few animals.

I hunted around awhile before finding the images of bighorn sheep from the entrance sign.

I had to scramble up a jumbled mess of rocks to reach it.

I started removing layers as all of the exercise had me overheating and sweating profusely. I didn't go any farther into the canyon.

By time I made it back to the bike I had stripped down to my base layer of thermal underwear and riding boots
and was carrying an armload of jackets, sweaters, pants, liners...
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