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Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
I'm planning on $125 a day for fuel, food, and lodging. That's a mix of camping and motel, food on the trail and food at restaurants.
Sounds like a nice trip- good total for a good mix of everything. If I could do about this amount, I would.

I personally cant afford that as the TAT is just a portion of what im doing. I am going to be gone essentially all of spring, summer and fall, so im leaving my total at about 60 dollars per day.

I dont really have a set plan, but I would guess ill be doing about 1 tank of gas a day, or about 250 miles. Some days will be more, some will be 0, but overall that leaves me about 35 dollars for food and camping per day. I will mostly be eating canned goods from walmarts and gas stations and sleeping in my tent especially when I can find free camping. I can then buildup "extra money" that I can blow at restaurants or for admission to parks and all that. I have emergency funds set aside that arent planned into my monthly available, so I can change my mind at will. I can ride all day on my DR, but I am told that 200-300 miles is a good amount to shoot for per day so you still get to see a lot while also not burning through the miles too fast.
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