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Great photos and nicely written. Will you go back in the winter months for a better look at some of the tracks? More aggressive tyres run at lower pressures will be a big help. The hut you found looks great. I've done the swag on the picnic table many times. Beware the redbacks! I see a Wayward Bus tag on your swag - what area did you cover (I'm ex Adel to Alice/Darwin with HB and GG and Adel to Melb with GG)? I carry 3 x MSR 4 ltr water bladders on my adv trips. I fill them off any rainwater tank that looks usable (schools, churches and sports ovals are reliable), though I usually only carry two full (plus my camelbak) at any time. It gives a little leeway to finding your next water. And the sunset photo's were great.
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