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Originally Posted by AllEuro
I'm working on a 00 LC4 enduro and it is failing to charge the battery and has a slight voltage drain with the key off and a meter hooked between the ground and - terminal of the battery. It will run if kicked over but the voltage on the battery is around 10.5 volts while running 12+ if turned off and battery is charged. Ideas? or does anyone have emailable service manual info that I could test out the various components to sort out the culprit.

Mr. B
Hi mate,

sounds like your rectifier has a problem. You will find the little bugger next to the battery. The strange thing with the cooling fins on it.
Measure if the diodes in there are still working.
Take a multimeter set it to ohms and measure between yellow and red in both directions.
One direction should give you no read out. Do this with all three yellow cables.
If one or more give you a readout in both directions you will have to get a new rectifier.

Also just FYI.
If your bike is at 3500revs you should have a charging voltage of 13.6 to 14.5 V. Even at idle the voltage should not go below 13V. Otherwise your connectors are corroded or something is broken.

Very common problem on KTM's is the main ground wire from the battery to the frame. Check if the contact is clean and tight.
If you need mor information give me a PM.


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