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How much for the ape?
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Hey guys thanks for all the replies...

So how do you do a "fly and ride" legally? I don't think that you can get temporary tags at the BMV for a motorcycle that you do not have the title for, can you? From what I have been researching, it looks like to be legal you would have to do a trailer or truck and ride. Meaning go up to the bike with a truck or a can with a trailer and bring the bike home that way. I don't know.

I am looking for a BMW R1150GSA or R1200GSA, I am kind of set on the adventure model, becuase I am 6'4" so I think that bike would fit me better. Do any of the locals have any experiece or thoughts about the seat height difference between the GS and the GSA?

It seems like there are some ok deals right now for R12GS's and GSA's.

Basically if I buy it from out of state, get that title notarized at all costs.... And get a recepit for ~$250 no matter how much it cost! jk


I was "that guy" who back in 2009 bought a 1986 Honda XL6R with no title, and after about 4 months was able to get a title for that sucker. I had to file a "petition" with the Court of Common Pleas in Cuyahoga County and everything, go before a magistrate, got a parking ticket. The magistrate person wanted my evidence that the PO lost the title and that it was not stolen, I told him that I wrote him multiple times and got no response. He agreed and sent me the paperwork to get it inspected to make sure that it was not stolen. Got the bike inspected at the state highway partol, once it "passed" took those papers to the title bureau over at like 480 at Broadway...I think, to get a title for it. The next weekend went and got the plates. I don't think that you can do that anymore, but I may be wrong. I had to do a total frame off restoration so I had the time to wait for the title non-sense to go through. Quite a process though.
I'm also 6'4" and ride a 2007 GSA. The bike will fit you well, but make no bones about it... it's a heavy beast.

The height of a GSA vs GS can vary since the seats have adjustable height settings. This post will give you a good idea of the seat height differences:

I've owned a Sargent and a Russell Day Long saddle, and also tried out a Corbin. The Russell really adds some height and is very comfortable, but even as a tall person it gets a bit tedious in heavy traffic situations. Honestly, the stock seat is pretty good depending on your weight and inseam. Other ergonomic changes can make it very comfortable to ride, I've got 2" Rox Risers and Fastway F5 pegs in the low position which gives about an inch of lowering to relax the knee bend angle a bit.

I'm considering selling mine, so if you'd rather buy one in-state and are interested, shoot me a PM and we'll see where it goes.

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Thats the problem I am having. I like the bike but it just seems to nice for me. Kinda like me in a Ferrari with Iron pony stickers on the rear window.

The more youtube videos I watch the more I like it.
Take mine out for a spin. And let's get together so I can get that 17" Trakmaster to you that's been in my garage forever

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