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I passed on this R100RS a while back. Was really tempted but the guy wouldn't budge from $1500.00.

The Bad:
the bike had sat dormant outside for a number of years, Paint was shot, seat rotten, Front master cylinder broken, rear master cyl. stuck, all calipers stuck, tires dry rotted, fairing / plastic had scrapes, scratches and UV damage.
gauges were in poor condition and a multitude of other minor issues were evident. It appeared to have sat out under a tree with birds crapping on it for a few years.

The Good:
It actually ran, though poorly, Had the "pop out" fairing driving lights (with one burnt out).

This was a tempting project but re-fitting properly would have ran into some serious dough.
After some thought, I threw a little lower price at the guy and he about had a fit.

A couple weeks later I saw a pretty decent looking similar speciman, that I could ride accross the country for $3200.00. Glad I passed on this one....maybe $1500.00 was a decent buy, but not for me. .


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