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Day forty nine: 3-4-13
Got a lot of shit done today. Caught up pretty much on my rr, did a lot of internet research, fixed some little things that needed some attention, sent out some emails. All while relaxing in the sun drinking rum and cokes. Went down to the beach and walked around the town a bit. Got some good food. Nothing to exciting and no riding but overall a productive day.

Here is a photo of the sunset over the beach with the fishing boats in the harbor and some ominous clouds rolling over from behind

Day fifty: 3-5-13
Woke up and went to the hardware store to try and find a bolt to replace the one that fell out of my helmet. Of course they didnít have anything so I just borrowed one from the visor and took the visor off. Ran into Bob who is somehow related to Andrew and the one who told us to visit this place. We are going to meet him down at the beach later for diner and drinks. Was planning on going fishing today but this guy Jim, who is getting a motorcycle adventure touring company going down here, told me the fishing was shit right now. Damnit. Oh well I guess I have to just relax all day in paradise. Later we went down to a bar on the beach to meet up with Bob. He seems to have a pretty awesome deal here. He has a house here and goes back to Oregon in the summer to fish and golf. Awesome. After a few beers we ran into barry, who we met and partied with in Leon a few days ago. He was back down to meet a friend from New York. We didnít hang out much but Iím sure this wont be the last time we see Barry.

Day fifty one: 3-6-13
Set out early for Ometepe, an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. The ferry was a huge pain in the ass. You have to stop and pay people like three times but it only ends up being about seven bucks total. Some guy in an official looking shirt figured he could try and make us pay 10 bucks for some bogus shit but we werenít having it. People all throughout central America have been trying to screw us out of money and we both donít put up with it. Im not afraid to make a fucking scene. After unsuccessfully bothering us for 15 minutes he went and apperantly told the lady at the cafeteria we would buy him a beer grabbed one and walked off. I told the lady there was no fucking way was paying for a beer for some fucking asshole trying to swindle me out of money. The security guard that wasnít doing shit when the guy wouldnít leave me alone then chased the guy down and made him pay for the beer.We pulled our bikes right into the cafeteria.

Anyways, arrived at the island and drove around the top of the island, a dirt road mostly, to the other side where we found a nice place to stay pretty cheap. Along the way Andy picked up a nail and we had our first flat of the trip.

No problem a quick repair and we were back on the road.

Then went down to this natural spring that wasnít awesome, but it is a river flowing down between two volcanos that make an island in the middle of a lake, so I guess thatís kinda cool.

Lots of fucking bugs here. But I did see a couple monkeys! no pics though they were to quick.

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