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Can I ride it?
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Originally Posted by AKDuc View Post
I beg to differ.
Me to. as usual
Don’t have one, friend with an airplane does.
I can’t see how Spot satellite tracking would keep anybody safe from “bears and such” anyway. Ok, it might help to find your remains if a bear gets you. Or if the bear eats the thing maybe find the bear?
You wouldn’t think a ‘Special Agent’ would be very concerned with such things.
Well, maybe Nancy ain’t the kind of agent that comes to mind when one hears ‘‘Special Agent’?
She may have some ‘splainin’ to do 'bout that.
Don’t worry, Nancy. You can’t ride to anywhere near far Northwest Alaska anyhow. Takes a good boat or an airplane. You should be ok as long as you stop or stay in places like the one I just recommended to the guy looking for campground prices.
Check it out here.
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