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Originally Posted by bmwhacker View Post
I passed on this R100RS a while back. Was really tempted but the guy wouldn't budge from $1500.00.

The Bad:
the bike had sat dormant outside for a number of years, Paint was shot, seat rotten, Front master cylinder broken, rear master cyl. stuck, all calipers stuck, tires dry rotted, fairing / plastic had scrapes, scratches and UV damage.
gauges were in poor condition and a multitude of other minor issues were evident. It appeared to have sat out under a tree with birds crapping on it for a few years.

The Good:
It actually ran, though poorly, Had the "pop out" fairing driving lights (with one burnt out).

This was a tempting project but re-fitting properly would have ran into some serious dough.
After some thought, I threw a little lower price at the guy and he about had a fit.

A couple weeks later I saw a pretty decent looking similar speciman, that I could ride accross the country for $3200.00. Glad I passed on this one....maybe $1500.00 was a decent buy, but not for me. .

I spent $1800 on my '83RS. Original owner, extensive service records mostly from the same shop, all the mods: Stainless brake lines, San Jose Upper triple clamp, Telefix fork brace, Brown side stand, Reynolds ride-off center stand (which I later found out was vital), Konis, LED brake light flashers. Brake disks were good and came with spare pads, racks and full luggage (original), 90K with some headwork in there somewhere. Good seat, all lights and gauges worked, started and ran nice. No bunged up screws in evidence. Nothing broken. Tires half gone.


Lot of scrapes and chips in the paint. He had tried to clean it up for sale and whatever he used stripped half the paint off the engine. This told me it was probably weeping more than a few places and that he was wise to trust his service to a shop. Had a shiny new GS and wanted to sell old faithful. I could run it all I wanted but wouldn't let me ride it. (probably smart because of where he lived but it cost him more than a few hundred). The hurtin' cosmetics meant he really couldn't get much. I think he figured that out. I looked at one other that day, a '77RS that the guy wanted over 6k for and it just wasn't THAT nice. Went back and bought ol'-faithful-but-kinda-ugly.

I had to replace the tires, get the tach repaired at one point but otherwise it ran fine. I did the same thing on it he back and forth between the bay area and LA a lot. Recently blew a brake line. Everything else I've done is cleaning up cosmetics and my own changes, What I'd do with any bike. Time for new valves and some conrod bearings so that's happening. Some special farkels, etc. I'll do paint someday.

Look at that pic closely. looks like a custom seat. nice.

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