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Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
I was speraking with Gary Emig of Emig Racing about clamps and offsets for my DR as I would like more stability on sand tracks and his opinion is USD's are the go. He reckons there is to much flex at the wheel with any RSU forks and the front wheel goes where it wants in the sand. He reckons they change all the XR650R's to USD. They have a USD clamp kit for DR650s. I quized him on the conventionals being smoother, he says they have no problems with the Showa's they use.
He is right about the showa's. They are smooth when setup correct.
But they still try to bend in a place where the two tubes suppose to slide over each other...
Not all the RSU forks are better than all the usd's

Last week I spoke to some people with two ktm's one with a WP50 the other with a new ish WP48usd.
The one with the usd had trouble with the handling. It always wanted to run to the outside of a corner, felt firm and still bottomed when braking hard or jumping.
The bike with the RSU WP50 had no problems with stiction or handling. It was smooth and if you pushed on the seat the whole bike would go down like it should.
The bike with the USD would NOT go down on the front when the owner got on the seat exept for when you would give it a good push. But than the fork would stay low thats what you see with most of those wp usd's even after some tuning they stick.
They told me they were planning to do a fork transplant to go from RSU WP50 to USD because everybody told them that would be better.......

My girlfriend's G650xcountry just had a forktransplant from the stock 45mm to 45mm shiver. Which is waaaay smoother and a huge improvement compared to the sticky stock forks. Both the forks are the same brand.
That fork is good enough now and almost without stiction. So it is posible to get some usd's set up right. With some brands or types its just harder or you wil never reach a satisfying result. Still they can be better than the stock forks in some ways.
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