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Originally Posted by Beemerboff View Post
These cheap $100- Valeo knock offs work just fine - I have 100,000 km on mine and is is still perfect.

The cheap Motobatt Oddessy copy works at least as well as the Oddessy too, 3 years / 100,000km and still perfect.

The only test I have seen of the new technology batteries had the Antigravity a long way in front, but that was a few months back and things will probably be changing with the others pretty quickly - you cant keep selling batteries that explode under full load !
really .. got any pictures of that exploded Antigravity battery?
any other details .. what size battery, etc?

Antigravity batteries with A123 26650 LiFePO4 cells are pretty rugged. it'd take some serious overcharging to pop A123 safety valves.

now with lithium cobalt li-ion cells like on Boeing 787 ... by overcharging little as 1/2v over fully charged state... it's quite possible to get those type cells to go into thermal runaway and explode. vs lithium iron phosphate li-ion cells are very difficult to achieve any type of thermal event by massively overcharging.

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