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Leaving Morocco and arriving again in Spain means first of all to meet Claudia, of good friend of mine who has come to visit me for a few days.

We cruise through the back country to beautiful Ronda ...

... and through mules paradise.

I don't want to miss any country even if it is very small. So we're cueing at the border post of Gibraltar like everyone else. To me there are several aspects that range somewhere between humoristic and bizarre.

First is the border control:
"Your passports please!" (So far so good)
"Where do you come from?" (Is he jooking? Or doesn't he know at which border he's working?)
"Where are you going to?" (Same same but different ;-) And: Gibraltar is a dead end. So what?)

Just for the sake of completeness: Leaving Gibraltar some hours later we bump into the same officer and he asks the same questions. Hilarious!

Second: The numberplates. They show - even if you didn't know before - that Gibraltar is part of the European Union. At the same time Gibraltar is (since 1713) a British Overseas Territory, meaning a crown colony. Isn't that funny? We (the Europeans) are living in the 21st century and we're still having colonies. In Europe. I'm not saying this is good or bad. I'm just wondering what geopolitical bizarreness we're indulging ourselves in. Similar story with the Spanish cities Ceuta (1580) and Melilla (1497) in Northern Africa.

Whatever you think about Gibraltar, the climate is definitely better than in the UK.

A hearty welcome at the town hall.

Gibraltar is lacking space. About 4500 people share a sqaure kilometre, more than in most other places in the world.

On the other hand Gibraltar, though very small, seems to be very liberal. The construction of a mosque on the very small and densly populated territory was possible.

We're leaving Gibraltar with mixed emotions. Best will be to cool down a bit

Have a nice one


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