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Originally Posted by EKinOR View Post
Very interesting! If I'm understanding what you've posted, it appears the LC-1 is a bit more consistent than the new prototype, but most likely it isn't enough to make a noticeable difference. Did I get that right?

I was strongly considering an LC-1, but I may hold off a bit now...
You've got it.

I will likely leave the LC-1 on my own motorcycle. (Since I have two bungs to install O2 sensors I'll probably leave them both connected.) But if things keep progressing as they are the O2 circuit I've described will be a very good choice.

Reasons to use an LC-1 (and there are other products that so the same thing):
—precise control of lambda from 0.9 to 1.1 (gasoline AFR 13.2 to 16.2)
—can be set to stock fueling (gasoline AFR 14.7)
—sensor calibration cycle insures long term accuracy
—powerful diagnostic plotting of AFR. You can "see" the results of combustion.
—proven, reasonably priced, reliable product from a well-known supplier
—available today

Reasons to use an "new O2 circuit":
—simple installation (remove fuel tank, plug in device, connect ground wire, reassemble)
—uses existing O2 sensor (no need to remove muffler to install)
—approximate control of lambda from 0.96 to 1.0 (gasoline AFR 13.8 to 14.7)
—can be set to stock fueling

With either solution you should use the highest setting that gives good performance (meaning don't add more fuel than needed). My estimate is that will be about lambda at 0.94 (gasoline AFR 14.1:1)

Some of the benefits of richer mixtures:
—smoother, steadier cruise
—better low-RPM roll-on power
—often can run one higher gear (e.g. 6th instead of 5th)
—cooler exhaust temperature (stock setting at gasoline AFR of 14.7:1 is hottest setting, called peak EGT by pilots)

Other things you should consider in addition to regular maintenance:
—make sure your fuel pump, filter and in-tank hoses are in perfect condition
—run a tank using the recommended dose of Techron concentrate every 6 months
—send your injectors for professional cleaning and testing. If your injectors don't have their best spray pattern and aren't well-balanced your engine won't run its best.
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