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Originally Posted by JustKip View Post

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I really don't feel like I am "crapping all over" this thread at all. The man made some statements that clearly aren't true and I pointed it out, as I think we all should do as responsible members of the forum. I did not make personal insults, and I'm not here to "boo at the special olympics".
But I'm really dissappointed that more people, including you, Mr. Brown, didn't chime in and help point out the gross misinformation being spouted in the guise of opinion.

His statement, that riding 2 up with luggage made no difference in both power and suspension clearly isn't true, but can be believed for one of 2 reasons. But the issues of suspension and power should be addressed seperately.

First suspension; IT'S ADJUSTABLE.
That means something to most people, but for those who think "there's no difference" I'll explain. The engineers who designed the bike, as with all bikes, understand that differences in load affect suspension and handling. So they design systems of optimising the load carrying abilities for a range of weights. Then the marketing gurus decide just how much adjustability they can use and still hit the price point for the target consumer base. They're not going to drive up the price if the expected market segemnt won't be interested in that level of performance.
There IS a difference, and pretty much everybody knows it. Saying "there's no difference", actually means (for whatever reason) they haven't noticed a difference.

Power; Power moves wieght. That's why there's an engine in the bike. (I shouldn't need to explain this, but appearently not everybody knows) If you increase the load an engine needs to move by 20%, there can only be 2 reasons for being unaware of the loss in performance. 1. you're using substantially less than 80% consistantly, and so don't notice the defecit. 2. You can't tell the difference so you don't notice the 20% loss.

Making the statement "There is no difference" is expressing an erroneous opinion. Everybody has the right to have an opinion, but not to state thier opinion as fact and be insolent to people who can recognize the obvious errors. THAT says a lot about a man's character.
I can agree with your core point. I honestly DO NOT notice a difference, that's what I should have written in retrospect. Why dont we have a poll of owners opinions as stated to help out the potential buyer? Chill out on the granular dissection of every word on the internet, you just end up looking like an ass my friend.
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