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Originally Posted by Hakatan View Post
I see online that the Crosstrek XV has a tow rating of 750 lbs/1500 lbs with trailer brakes, but the regular Impreza is not rated for towing.

If the XV is just a lifted Impreza, why the difference in tow rating? HakWife will be looking to replace her manual transmission 2002 Forester (bought new) in the next year, and the manual transmission Impreza is looking like a likely candidate...except I'd like to have the ability to occasionally tow a small trailer, like browneye
BTW, that's a great website with a TON of specs.

The XV Crosstrek has larger brakes and enhanced cooling components vs. the Impressa, for light trailer towing.

My trailer is about 650lbs, so a couple of dualsports should put it just under capacity. The benzo tows it like it's not there. But I wonder what climbing passes would be like with the Crosstrek. Probably slow lane in 3rd gear, 45mph. At least one of the owner user forums had reports of light trailer towing and it was no problem. The 2.0 boxer engine is pretty torquey, high torque at lower rpms, and fairly flat curve. Peak is at 4200 though, so I would expect climbs would be at or near that 4K rpm range. They do like to rev.

Most professional reviewers say the new Crosstrek needs more power. I noticed it right away on the test drives of the two cars, the CVT managing it better. There's a strong surge off idle, when you first start out, then it flattens out. I hear once they're broke in there's a lot of revving and rowing for peak performance. I guess I gotta go drive one again now that I've read up on them, make sure I can stand it. There are also a few complaints of road noise, but that's expected, it's a cheap car with little sound deadening, and the tires fitted are not exactly quiet runners.

There are just two trim levels, PREIMIUM and LIMITED. The limited is quite nice with optional sunroof, has leather and electric adjust seating which is also nice, auto-headlamps,and auto-climate control, but only available with the CVT. That won't work for me if I want to flat-tow it. So I'm stuck with fabric seats and no roof and none of the other goodies I'm used to. The optional nav for two grand is also widely panned, hard to use, bulky, just forget it. The good news is that even the 'base' model has body-color handles and mirrors, roof rails, the cold-weather package with heated seats, bluetooth, PDL, PW, cruise and tilt. So all of the basics you would expect.

If I still had a KTM I'd get the orange one.

Here's the desert khaki one I like so well:

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