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Originally Posted by J Lewis View Post
Posting this here because you guys are really into this stuff and might open my eyes past what I can see.

Lets just say someone asked you this question,"Name the top five best American riders who would have a chance at winning Dakar in the next three years given the right opportunity?"

Rider must be American.
Rider should be capable of winning after a year of learning.
Does not matter who or what the rider is currently doing or riding.

Anyone want to list off five names?

Destry Abbott is capable, the question is whether he would want to push that hard at this point in his career. Though with his experience he could be a front runner, and it might keep him from making rookie mistakes... A good team candidate in any case.

Nathan Kanney? GNCC mostly, but has been about and might be looking to do something different. Yeah, I'm looking at experience...

While this might be a wildcard, what about Cody Webb? Not sure if he would be up for it, but I think he's a young gun coming up the ranks - definitely has the potential... Especially after reading his interview from KOM. Scratch the wildcard: He could do it. But you should know better than us about that Jimmy...

Kurt C's pretty well spoken for I would think, but he's on my list.

There's someone else that's not coming to mind at the moment...

Unless you're looking for a 'My fair Lady' publicity stunt, then put me on the list...

"you are to stay here for the next six months learning to ride beautifully, like a mule deer in a savanna. At the end of six months you will be taken to Dakar, fully sponsored. If the rally finds out you are not a capable rider, you will be taken to the Eiffel Tower, where your steering head will be cut off as a warning to other presumptuous trailriders! If you are not found out, you shall be given a present of... uh... a finisher's medal to start life within a mechanic's shop. If you refuse this offer, you will be the most ungrateful, wicked rider, and the angels will weep for you." - Prof J. Lewis Higgins.

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