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Originally Posted by dirtdreamer50 View Post
As has been mentioned here, some are saying $10k is too expensive, 88HP isn't enough, etc, etc... I decided to check out an equivalent size roadster, and chose the R1200R.

It has more HP, 110. It has fancy suspension both front and rear, It has easier to find 17" tires, and it sells for $13,975.00 plus any accessories. It will do 125+mph, but I'll bet the 1100 will too, but who wants to travel at those speeds on a nekked bike for any length of time? It is a beautiful bike, if you like the BMW look, which I do, but is not a beautiful retro, like the 1100.

For someone who wants a standard, go most anywhere, inexpensive to own and ride motorcycle, the 1100 is the perfect machine. Not as fancy as the 1200R, but with a $4+K difference in price, that 4 into 4, $3,000 exhaust system could be added, and still have money left over for hundreds of gallons of gas to enjoy.

I have an R1200RT, a great motorcycle, but if my choice was between a CB1100 or an R1200R, I'd go with the 1100 every time, and know what a great deal and motorcycle I owned. tomp dd50
An R1200R is a really neat bike. Thats what I rented in Europe. Light weight, plenty of power, awesome front brakes, good trans, gear indicator, good suspension. My only complaint was, well I have several, first they are geared to the moon 5 th and 6th are really overdrives and the only place I used them was on the autobahn running in excess of 100 mph. Secondly they are absurdly expensive over here, like $15 grand. Add another $1500 or so for Bmws luggage, and theres still no wind Beemer dealers are few and far between and maintenance is expensive. Still, I seriously considered buying one until I found out the CB 1100 was finally coming to the U.S. Other than the shaft drive, I think the CB 1100 will actually be superior to the R1200R for my uses.
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