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Somehow, I skipped over that detail. I was on a long trip once and a friends 1400 Suzuki Intruder lost his clutch in 100 plus degree weather. I am not sure to this day what the cause of it was but after it cooled off it came back. The bike was new also. Im no expert on the subject but a cable operated system is much more simple. My Sportster had a very easy clutch pull with no hydraulics. I am not crazy about this system but it is what it is. Perhaps one of you gurus can tell me why hydrualics are better.
The Suzuki having problems with a hydraulic clutch would seem to me to be point data, unless someone can show that it was a problem with that model. The hydraulic line was probably routed too close to engine heat, or it could have just been partiallyfull of air or low fluid.

The Honda, on the other hand, I'm not too worried about. Reviewers, BTW, have remarked how smooth the clutch is on the cb1100.
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