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The Suzuki having problems with a hydraulic clutch would seem to me to be point data, unless someone can show that it was a problem with that model. The hydraulic line was probably routed too close to engine heat, or it could have just been partiallyfull of air or low fluid.

The Honda, on the other hand, I'm not too worried about. Reviewers, BTW, have remarked how smooth the clutch is on the cb1100.
The problem with the Suzi occured sitting in stop and go traffic and it was hot let me tell you. We were all about to die. He had the clutch in and it learched forward as if he snapped the clutch. I had the same thing happen on an old Chevy S10 truck except my clutch didnt come back. I lost the clutch cylinder with zero warning.

The car companies use the hydraulic system for easier clutch engagement ect but I see no advantage other than that. And, I owned one of the last Mustangs without it and the pedal effort was very low to begin with and I see no use for a hydraulic clutch system.
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