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Originally Posted by OldF7Guy View Post
The problem with the Suzi occured sitting in stop and go traffic and it was hot let me tell you. We were all about to die. He had the clutch in and it learched forward as if he snapped the clutch. I had the same thing happen on an old Chevy S10 truck except my clutch didnt come back. I lost the clutch cylinder with zero warning.

The car companies use the hydraulic system for easier clutch engagement ect but I see no advantage other than that. And, I owned one of the last Mustangs without it and the pedal effort was very low to begin with and I see no use for a hydraulic clutch system.
Well when I worked in the industry from 70 to 89, we had walls filled with cables and people carried spares on vacation because they tended to dry out(remember dri- slide lubricant with the little bb inside and the long metal nozzle? ), quit working and the ends ( barrels) would pull off. I've ridden home several times using vice grips to either pull in a clutch or open and close the throttle. Later cables had a teflon coating which put an end to most of it, but other than your buddies experience Ive never heard of a hydraulic operated clutch failing, especially if they are bled every couple years and new fluid put in. I have no issues with cable operated clutches or hydraulically operated clutches, so it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
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