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Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
What are the correct dimensions on the top box? At GlobeScout's site, the description says 440mm wide (~17.3"), while the pic diagram says 400mm (15.7"). Trying to compare sizing to the Trax box, which is listed @ 38L and measures at 16.1" wide(?).

Will it be possible to get matching lock sets if the top box and panniers are ordered seperately?
Good question on the top box! We actually have one (in black) at the shop now, and I've asked Bill to get an exact measurement on it. I've also alerted Globescout to the discrepancy.

We can get a set of 6 to match, no problem, but doing it at two different times is problematic. There are hundreds of possible combinations, and at any time we'll only have about 30-40 sets (or less if sales are good ) in stock. We'll look for a match, but the odds won't be good, and we can't specifically order in a combination number. Worst case scenario, you can get a brand new set of 6 - it should be $60ish.
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