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The Spot works fine

FYI - I used the "new" Spot tracker last summer when I flew my bike up to Nome to go riding around and it worked great. I explored the Seward Peninsula, which is in western Alaska, and the people who were tracking me said it was fun watching my progress. I even giggled to myself a few times as I knew AlcanRider was watching my tracks, so I paddled figure 8s in my packraft out on the lake a few times and also hiked in figure 8s a few times. I thought he might wonder what I had been drinking and got lost so was going in circles.

Maybe the Spot does help with bears as I had received countless warnings about bears on the three very remote roads I rode and camped on and I didn't have any problems.

Don't worry too much about bears. Be "bear aware" do the usual safety practices (eat and prepare food a distance from where you sleep) and you should be okay. I'm out in the backcountry a lot, sometimes by myself, and carry bear spray and so far, thank goodness, haven't had a serious issue yet.

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