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Oman is a beautiful, safe and easy country to travel in. Get here quick before the secret is out

Petrol is 112 Baisa/18 UK pence/ 22 Euro cents a litre. Basically it is very cheap

It will still be very hot in September, high 30s and low 40s. Not impossible travelling conditions but it means you have to be sensible and cautious with regard to dehydration

Holidaying here can cost literally as much or as little as you want

Expensive hotels are very expensive, cheap hotels are very cheap - both with good reason
Same goes for food although beer bought in restaurants or hotels is always very very expensive
But without buying beer, you can budget from 5 US $ a day through to 10,000 US $ a day

But that is all irrelevant. Omanis are widely acknowledged as the friendliest people in the Gulf and for that reason alone it is worth coming here as a respectful visitor

(unlike the frickin idiots who arrive daily on the cruise ships but that's another story !)
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