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Originally Posted by GarrettRB View Post
How do you know when the radar detector is going off? Did you attach a blinking light or louder buzzer to it?
Nope. I use the Sena Bluetooth hub to transmit the audio signal. The button you see above the instrument cluster is the mute button. The aux output jack from the radar detector, or anything else such as an iPod, can be plugged into the hub. The hub then broadcasts via Bluetooth to the the headset. The lag is slight but after using the detector for several years in vehicles I understand how to read the alarms and react accordingly. The reality is that if a cop is using their end correctly then you have little chance of doing much other than slowing down a bit before they get a lock on you. In reality, it keeps me in check when rolling through small towns where you have to slow down to 25 mph for a mile or two. Mostly I just know where the cops are and act accordingly.
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