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Just wanted to say we had a great time riding the course. We rode from Rancho Mike Sky to Rt 3, down the course to where it meets up with the road into San Filipe, had some lunch in SF and then rode back out the start of the course but cut over (~RM10?) and continued to the finish. We were all pretty tired of the whoops from the start and ~RM170 to ~RM184, so we took the sportsman's shortcut and we really enjoyed that section.. Sandy wash that had really fun berms to rip though. There was one tight slippery section through some boulders, but otherwise it was fast and flowing.

What's the technique for riding those whoops fast? I felt like I could either go slow and roll them all one at a time or I could twist it and hold on for short bursts but I just didn't have the skill to maintain a faster pace. Do you just need to go twice as fast as a "rolling" pace to get it to ride on top of the whoops or do you try to double them up or what?

Good luck in the race everyone. We will be on the other side of the peninsula heading home...
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