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Originally Posted by sonoran View Post

So.. how does it ride compared to the 990?
I wrote the report on the other thread... here it is:

I'll try to write a short comment on my first ride on my new 1190 adv r.
since I'm italian an my english is so so, I hope you'll forgive me for all the errors I'm going to make.

As you can see from the pic I got it on a raining day. I did 40 km on road and 3 off road.

noise (akra): it is noisy only when starting it up and at minimum rev. otherwhise is more silet than the 900 with stock silencer. Also the motor is quiter then 990.

the seat it's slightly higher then the 990 adv and the handle bar a little more far away. it's a very natural an confortable seatting position.

the motor is fantastic! I would like all the people complainig tha 150 hp is too much to try it. the power it's just perfect! to me the ride by wire it's great. the accelerator reacts very softly at slow rev. & speed. uncomparable with the 990.
already from 2000 rev the torque is very strong but never eccesive, the bike it always "composed". this with street setting and never passing the 7000 rev. in this range the vibation level was low, lower the 990.
the traction control went on 3/4 times but I couln't fell it at all.

the chassis and suspensions are very ballance the bike soo nimble! the suspention feel steafer but on the rocky off road were great, the bike felt easier than the 990 off road. expecially because it's very easy to handle the accelerator,even when using all the 150 hp on wet rocky surface, incredible. impossible to compare it to the 990.

I also tried the bike on the highway, 170 km/h at aprox. 6000 rev. the windscreen in it's upper position works well, no buffering at all! the head is covered and you get a little air pressue on he sholdrers, I don't need to buy the higher screen.

for last the central stand, even a 4 years hold boy could lift the bike up...

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