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Dont think it will move back to Africa, not enough supporters there, not enough money, and the countries there dont pay 1 million dollar per stage.

Dont think it will be ozzie, too many fence lines, only one country and its full of environmental nuts.

Dont think it will be Asia, at least for now.

Dont think it will be in the USA, its not a free country anymore. (sorry guys)

South America is is and thats where it will stay I reckon for at least another 3-5 years.

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
Last week Argentine press was reporting that Chile was being left out. I suspect that the rally will begin in Rosario, Argentina into Bolivia, then Chile before ending in Lima. We'll know on March 21.
I have a strong feeling it will start in Ecuador, cross into Peru (there is 1400km of desert north of Lima still to be explored), Bolivia (the high altitude test stage was a great success in Argentina, opening the way for a bolivan Stags, plus Bolivian press are stating it will be there next year), Argentina, ending in BA.
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