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Originally Posted by jack splash View Post
Hey: Thanks for the props guys. But I forgot to thank Dave Jansen and a couple of other guys, Wendell Purdue, the Mayor of Patrick, and Drew from ADVRider. But first the story.

After the Rally was over, and all the bikes had arrived at Oslo's to check in, there was a little confusion as to where we were supposed to be and we were all standing around wondering what to do. Some riders went in a got a beer,,others hung out and BS'ed about the race outside. At this point the cars were still on stage. Myself and a couple of other riders who came solo to the event had to get back to the Service Area in Patrick and get our support vehicles. It was getting dark and cold and we didn't feel like riding our bikes back down Rt 1 the appx 15 miles to service. I'm talking with Peter and Dmytro and they offer to drive me and Dan F to service, we say "great", Dmytro says his car is close by and he'll be right back with it.

20 Minutes later he arrives , I get in, and who shows up but Anders, and gives us a "Father knows best" lecture about sticking around to "celebrate" the car guys when they show up, and how "proud" it would make him if we stuck around. I'm cold, tired, and hungry, and now shamed into "celebrating" . F@#%$% F$^&&* F*&^%K.
I stick around another 15 minutes an hop on by bike and ride to service, it's dark, raining a little, and about 1 mile from service, I run out of gas.

F%^$K. F&^%ing Karma !

I'm sitting on the side of the road for a few minutes and a Motorcycle pulls up beside me, I mention I'm out of gas and there's a can a mile away. The rider Drew" I think, offers to go get it, he's on a Yamaha Super Tennere and we discuss how he'll carry the gas can back. The plan is iffy at best, but what the hell. I thank him for his help and Drew leaves for the gas.

About a minute later, David Jansen driving his van, and his wife? see me and turn around and pull up to me. It's good to see him OK, because the last time I saw him, he was crashed on stage. I mention I'm out of gas, and before I can say help is on the way he offers me some of his.

Here's where my dilemma starts, do I say no thanks, gas is on it's way, or accept his offer. Remembering the old addage, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, I fill half my tank with gas, say thanks, and Dave's on his way. A minute later, Drew shows up with a Pickup truck following him, driving is "Wendell Purdue" the mayor of Patrick, with the gas can in the back of his truck. I fill the other half of my tank, and he follows me to the service just in case i need additional help.

I didn't want make Drew feel like he helped for nothing, but I wasn't sure he'd be able to strap a 5 gallon gas can safely to the back of his bike, so I got help twice, Thats Rally!

What a bunch of great people involved in this sport.

Jack that was Dan. "Icecold dan" on ADV and one of the Cape Fear area riders and a volunteer HAM at Sandblast. He had a great time telling the story of helping you at the after party.
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