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Welcome, brother.

Curious what kind of weather you might bump into on this quest?

(last weekend we got nine inches of lumpy ass white rain that needs to be shoveled)

Regarding camp food,

I wander up n down the isles at the store. I try to identify stuff that requires no frigadeezing. You can do some wack stuff with Bisquick. Twist it around a stick, cook it near the fire, an shazaam, you have a dirty bread like camp roll. Turn it into pancakes, etc, I have breaded fresh caught fish with it too. Double-zip lock it, ask me how I know... And look on the box to see what else you need to go with it, powdered milk, some oil.

I bring some of those foil packs of tuna and salmon. Can be ate cold with a plastic fork. Couple of crackers, and you got a fulfilling snack or meal if it's raining and you had to run for the tent. Dispose of the empty foil pack if in bear country or you may have a very rude awakening.

Breakfast bars. Not just for breakfast anymore. Great item for the tank bag.

Drink powder flavoring. For when water starts to taste like, uhh, water.

Couple packs of RAMEN, just in case. It's fast, warms yea up, and with a handful of something else, it fills a hole for awhile.

I like to freeze a steak, pork chop, couple of heat and eat brats or something for the FIRST NIGHT. They can be rolled up in a plastic bag and wrapped with newspaper and they will make it till dinner time unless it's freaking ass hot out. Hint: you can warm up heat and eat brats in a jetboil.

Nice to have some meat the first night in camp. I will back out now and let someone else converse with ya.

Be well, and remember, "pictures or it never happened".

Never do anything you would be uncomfortable explaining to the paramedics...

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